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76 N O R T H C A R O L I N A E C O N O M I C D E V E L O P M E N T G U I D E A R O U N D T H E S T A T E | C O U N T Y B Y C O U N T Y EMPLOYMENT BY INDUSTRY Manufacturing: 21.2% Retail: 12.1% LARGEST PRIVATE-SECTOR EMPLOYER Tyson Farms LARGEST CITY/TOWN North Wilkesboro: population 4,477 COUNTY PROPERTY TAX 67.0 cents per $100 value HIGHER EDUCATION Wilkes Community College W I L K E S 2005 2015* POPULATION (000S) 67.1 70.0 EMPLOYMENT (000S) 30.7 27.8 UNEMPLOYMENT RATE 5.8% 5.7% PER CAPITA INCOME (000S) $27.3 $31.0 Wilkes Economic Development Corp. 336-838-1501 2005 EMPLOYMENT BY INDUSTRY Manufacturing: 26.0% Transportation: 10.6% LARGEST PRIVATE-SECTOR EMPLOYER Unifi Manufacturing LARGEST CITY/TOWN Yadkinville: population 2,923 COUNTY PROPERTY TAX 66.0 cents per $100 value HIGHER EDUCATION Surry Community College YA D K I N 2005 2015* POPULATION (000S) 37.3 37.7 EMPLOYMENT (000S) 18.5 17.1 UNEMPLOYMENT RATE 4.6% 4.9% PER CAPITA INCOME (000S) $26.5 $31.9 Yadkin County Economic Development Council 336-679-2200 2005 EMPLOYMENT BY INDUSTRY Manufacturing: 20.3% Health care: 14.2% LARGEST PRIVATE-SECTOR EMPLOYER BB&T LARGEST CITY/TOWN Wilson: population 49,357 COUNTY PROPERTY TAX 73.0 cents per $100 value HIGHER EDUCATION Barton College; Wilson Technical Community College W I L S O N 2005 2015* POPULATION (000S) 76.7 81.7 EMPLOYMENT (000S) 35.6 33.8 UNEMPLOYMENT RATE 8.1% 9.3% PER CAPITA INCOME (000S) $29.5 $36.0 Wilson Economic Development Council 252-237-1115 2005 EMPLOYMENT BY INDUSTRY Retail: 15.6% Education: 12.8% LARGEST PRIVATE-SECTOR EMPLOYER Ingles Markets LARGEST CITY/TOWN Burnsville: population 1,703 COUNTY PROPERTY TAX 60.0 cents per $100 value HIGHER EDUCATION Mayland Community College YA N C E Y 2005 2015* POPULATION (000S) 17.7 17.9 EMPLOYMENT (000S) 7.3 6.9 UNEMPLOYMENT RATE 7.2% 5.9% PER CAPITA INCOME (000S) $23.1 $29.8 Yancey County Economic Development Commission 828-682-7722 2005 S O U R C E S Population, counties, largest city/town, employment and unemployment rate: N.C. Offi ce of State Budget and Management. Hyde, Camden and Currituck counties have no incorporated towns. Employment share by industry sector and largest private-sector employer: N.C. Department of Commerce Labor and Economic Analysis Division, as of fourth quarter of 2015. 2016-17 property-tax rate: North Carolina Association of County Commissioners and N.C. Department of Revenue. Per capita income: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Community colleges are listed for every county in their designated service area. *Per capita income is for 2014, the most recent year available.

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