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17 N O R T H C A R O L I N A E C O N O M I C D E V E L O P M E N T G U I D E E X P L A I N T H E I M P O R TA N C E O F N O R T H C A R O L I N A ' S M I L I TA R Y P O P U L AT I O N . We've got about 17,000 members of the armed services leaving the military each year, re-entering civilian life and the private-sector workforce. A lot of these individuals bring a wealth of real skills and an indisputable work ethic to any employer lucky enough to have them. The question is, how do you help an employer translate what someone did in the armed services into something that's analogous in the private sector? For example, if you're in artillery command, what does that actually translate to in terms of a skill set that a private-sector employer can appreciate? There's been a lot of progress here in North Carolina in updating job- search databases. If you're active-duty military, you put in your qualifi cations, and the job-search platforms can essentially translate what your skill set means in the armed services versus what it would parallel in the private sector. The North Carolina For Military Employment initiative, which helps connect military talent with jobs and education opportunities, was launched in the middle of 2015. Having access to these men and women leaving the armed services is another pipeline of really high-quality talent that can help our employers be that much more productive. HOW IS THE STATE FARING, IN TERMS OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT? We're having a strong year in terms of activity and companies that are looking here and considering North Carolina. I think we benefi t from doing very well in business-climate rankings that come out each year, including CNBC, Forbes and CEO Magazine. That gets us on a lot of short lists to be considered by companies when they are growing. But that's no excuse for us not being proactive and intentional when we go out there and target other opportunities to recruit more companies. FOR MORE INFO VISIT OR JOIN US ON n Serving over 12,000 curriculum students each year n Serving over 9,800 continuing education students each year n 66 Curriculum programs available n 100 Certificate and diploma options n More than 40 degrees, certificates, and diplomas available completely online n Listed as one of G.I. Jobs 2016 Military Friendly Schools n Customized industrial training available PITTCC.EDU NORTH CAROLINA IS VERY FORTUNATE TO HAVE BOTH BEACHES AND MOUNTAINS, WHICH ARE IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO OUR METRO AREAS. THERE'S NO SILVER BULLET TO HOW YOU ATTRACT MILLENNIALS, BUT NORTH CAROLINA IS STILL A RELATIVELY AFFORDABLE ENVIRONMENT." "

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