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14 N o r t h C a r o l i N a E C o N o m i C D E v E l o p m E N t G u i D E WHAT SUPPORT IS AVAILABLE FOR EXISTING BUSINESSES OR COMPANIES NEW TO THE STATE? It's incumbent on us to take care of all companies, whether they've been here for a day or 50 years. We have one representative for each of eight regional prosperity zones who spend their workdays calling on existing employers, usually in partnership with local economic developers. They walk through issues that may be holding those companies back from growing further here in North Carolina, and discuss available opportunities for those companies to expand in the state. And if so, what resources could help accelerate the timetable for that expansion? Sometimes, it's a workforce-development issue. Maybe they don't feel like they have the resources to hire and train a workforce, so we'll connect them with some of the resources that can help them do that. Other times, it's a regulatory challenge, maybe a permit that they need but haven't been able to get, and we'll help them navigate that process. Sometimes it's a transportation issue — maybe to facilitate an expansion, they need a new turn lane added on their access road. Or it may be just offering resources to help with things like lean management and greater efficiency in the workplace. Fundamentally, their toolbox is essentially any and all state, regional or private-sector resources that can help assist with a company's growth. They have a whole Swiss Army knife of resources that they can pick and choose based on whatever particular issue a company is facing. The end goal is to not only get those companies to keep their doors open here, but also facilitate future growth or expansion.

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