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12 N o r t h C a r o l i N a E C o N o m i C D E v E l o p m E N t G u i D E H o w H a s t H e p u b l i c - p r i vat e pa r t n e r s H i p i m p r o v e d b u s i n e s s - r e c r u i t m e n t e f f o r t s ? It's given us access to even more resources, primarily financial, to broaden and strengthen the reach of the organization's marketing message of "why North Carolina?" The two biggest audiences that we try to reach, business and tourism, are both critical to economic development in this state. The more successful we are in getting those audiences to put their investment here in North Carolina, that's ultimately something that helps the entire state's prosperity. Unlike a state agency, as a nonprofit we are able to raise dollars from private-sector companies that also would benefit if North Carolina's economy is firing on all cylinders. So it's no surprise that a lot of our private- sector investors are power companies, construction firms, real-estate firms, banks — those are all industries that see benefits to their bottom line if North Carolina's economy is performing at a very high level. How does t H e edpnc H elp companies find t H e rig H t location wit H in t H e state? Some companies come with a preconceived notion of where they want to be, or where they think they need to be. Some have done a lot of desktop data analysis prior to even picking up the phone, looking at workforce-availability models, utility-cost models, availability of suitable real estate, etc. Others come with ideas based on familiarity: Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham are places they've heard of and that's where they want to look. If a company comes in and says 'this is the only area we are focused on,' and it's very clear why, we're not going to push them elsewhere. With other companies, based on their parameters, the entire state could be in play. Any time we have the ability to influence where the company is looking, it's our responsibility to broaden that playing field as much as possible because that puts more options in the mix for North Carolina. As a state organization, anywhere is a win for the state. cind Y burn H am

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