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31 North Carolina Economic Development Guide division in Cary, which is in the state's Research Triangle region. Hynes says headquarters moves often fi t into broader ef orts to fi ne-tune corporate life. "We've had a number of companies relocate to Charlotte and actually change their business culture as a result." In some cases, it's as simple as altering of ce space. "They might have come from an older building, and their new building is modern with common social areas." In recent years, Charlotte region economic developers have targeted headquarters as part of ef orts to diversify the business landscape. The city's status as a banking mecca makes the sale easier, Hynes says. "We're still a fi nancial services center, and we have the accounting, marketing, legal and HR talent that headquarters operations also look for." Systematically recruiting corporate headquarters is an expensive prospect, even for well-heeled communities such as Charlotte. That's why Charlotte Chamber collaborates with other economic-development entities such as the Charlotte Regional Partnership, a private nonprofi t that globally markets Mecklenburg and 11 surrounding North Carolina counties. "Most headquarters projects are run by site-selection consultants, so much of our outreach involves keeping them up to date on everything Charlotte has to of er," Hynes says. The organizations work together, attending consultant forums, visiting location advisers and even sending direct mailings. Christopher Chung, CEO of Cary-based Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina Inc., says geography and access account for some of the state's appeal. "Our central East Coast location provides ready access to U.S. markets." His organization markets the state for business and tourism. They're contractual obligations the public- private nonprofi t took from the N.C. Department of Commerce when it opened in 2014. "Our strategic

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