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88 sites in nine states before arriving at 20, which were visited by its brokers. Surry County became a fi nalist once company offi cials had a chance to chat privately with other corporate residents there. "We specifi cally liked what we were hearing about workforce quality," Gal- lagher says. "Workers there got glowing remarks." Turnover rates are low, for example, and employers reported being pleased with the "trainability" of workers. "That was an important factor." As the company begins assembling its 260-person workforce, it will collaborate closely with Surry Community College, which is creating a customized training program that could cost $2,000 per employee. "We have the potential to offer the company half a million dollars worth in services," says Kevin Kimrey, director of business and industry services at the college. Kimrey, who participated in the February trip to the plant in Tipton, says he is gearing up for another visit there this fall to begin identifying specifi c skill sets the company is seeking for its workers in Elkin. For this task, the college will utilize WorkKeys, a skills-assessment system that is becoming the standard across the state's community- college system. Through the program, an applicant can earn a Career Readiness Certifi cate that aligns with the employer's precise expectations of each open position. Pittsburgh Glass may require CRCs for all its new hires, Kimrey says. Along with training, the college will help Pittsburgh Glass Works screen applicants, orient new hires and assess ongoing labor-force needs. "We typically put a project like this together that will stay with the company for two to fi ve years," Kimrey says. As Surry County workers develop knowledge and experi- ence in robotic systems and other tech-rich manufacturing processes, the county will enjoy yet another dividend from the presence of Pittsburgh Glass Works. "All this will raise the overall skill level in the county and help us recruit other advanced manufacturers." North Carolina EDG Economic Development in North Carolina The Voice of for professional economic developers and their allies in North Carolina. statewide association NCEDA is the Phone:888-24NCEDA WE INVITE YOU AND YOUR COMPANY TO GROW, EXPAND, AND CONNECT IN SURRY COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA • $FFHVV WR D QHWZRUN RI LQWHUVWDWHV LQFOXGLQJ • , , , DQG , • $EXQGDQW VXSSO\ RI ZDWHU • 7UDLQHG DQG DYDLODEOH ZRUNIRUFH • /RZ FRVW RI GRLQJ EXVLQHVV • $IIRUGDEOH EXLOGLQJV DQG VLWHV • 6XUU\ &RPPXQLW\ &ROOHJH &XVWRPL]HG ,QGXVWULDO • 6XSHULRU TXDOLW\ RI OLIH • $WWUDFWLYH LQFHQWLYH SDFNDJHV • 7LHU GHVLJQDWLRQ SURRY COUNTY IS A STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE FOR YOUR BUSINESS )RU PRUH LQIRUPDWLRQ FRQWDFW 7RGG 7XFNHU &(F' 3UHVLGHQW 6XUU\ &RXQW\ (FRQRPLF 'HYHORSPHQW 3DUWQHUVKLS WRGGWXFNHU#VXUU\ QHW

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