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look strong during periods of expansion, but it's during periods of recovery that you find the greatest opportunities to set yourself apart from your competitors, and that's the kind of move that Charlotte made by aggressively pursuing and winning the DNC in 2012." Pointing to past Democratic National Conventions, Kerrigan says the economic payoff for Charlotte will be well worth the effort. "If you look back histori- cally, in Boston we had $200 million and in Denver $266 million in short- and long-term benefits. So our goal in Charlotte is to make sure we maximize the economic opportunities here. But we can't do it alone." He says the committee will offer a vendor directory, a database of local businesses, including veteran- owned and minority-owned operations. "But these businesses have to sign up and tell us they're here, tell us the kinds of services they provide." The economic impact will be immediately felt by event planners and businesses involved in making fixes to the arena to make it event-ready. "In Denver, for example, there were more than 1,600 events, so if you're an event planner, this is going to be a very active time for you." Even so, there are red flags for some attendees. Norek, whose organization also participated in Denver's 2008 convention, has had a hard time finding lodging for his group because of Charlotte's comparatively smaller downtown. "Denver was consider- ably bigger, and we also had greater lead time to select a venue and book hotels. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party currently has a hold on all downtown hotels in Charlotte, so organizations like ours are unable to actually book hotel rooms until the DNC releases blocks of rooms." A Voto Latino party in Denver was one of the more well-attended events At EnergyUnited, you're more than a customer; you're a partner. Expanding a business is no easy task, so having a partner willing to go the extra mile with you is important. With some of the most competitive rates in the industry and elite customer satisfaction ratings, EnergyUnited is well equipped to be that partner. We're big enough to provide you with WKH EHVW VHUYLFH EXW VPDOO HQRXJK WR LQWLPDWHO\ ZRUN ZLWK \RX WR KHOS \RXU EXVLQHVV ÀRXULVK At EnergyUnited, you're more than an account number; you're a business partner. Learn why at

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