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"3.4 "306/% 5)& '03$&4 /PSUI $BSPMJOB FNCSBDFT UIF NJMJUBSZ UP OVSUVSF EFGFOTF JOEVTUSZ JO UIF TUBUF By Edward Martin 34 North Carolina Economic Development Guide * t could be in nearly any Tar Heel town, this gently curving street with its red, beige and lime-green houses, white fences and fl owers. Some houses have small, decorative stars on their exteriors, and many fl y American fl ags. Children playing in backyards seem unruffl ed by the occasional rumble of a gathering storm, despite a tornado several months before that damaged nearby homes. If this were in the suburbs of Raleigh or Greensboro the only thing that might stand out is the name. Tarawa Terrace II is a neighborhood for enlisted Marines and their families, named after a bloody 1943 battle for a ATLANTIC MARINE CORPS COMMUNITIES

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