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Case studies Carter says Duke Energy has seized on numbers such as these with an economic- development team that, in cooperation with the N.C. Department of Commerce, focuses on recruiting data centers. "The thing that separates us is that we have a site-readiness program that allows us to instantly provide a specifi c location that will fi t a data center's needs. When we get the call from a potential data-center operator, what we have in our database are all of the sites that benefi t that center from a reliability perspective." Another factor in attracting data centers Facebook's data center in Forest City will use a high-effi ciency electrical system, such as the one shown here at its center in Prineville, Ore. total energy. The conclusion was sobering but also underscores why North Carolina has become a data-center magnet: By 2011, the researchers predicted, national data-center power demand would double, equaling the output of about 25 standard power plants. is broadband networks. "You need a strong technology platform," Carter says, "so broadband access has to be in place at these locations." The two considerations — Duke's ample electricity and optical fi ber — were important for American Express. "It goes back to the power grid that was built here years ago to support textiles, apparel and furniture," Lynch says. "The heart of the data-center issue is inexpensive but extremely / *"-- Ê / - " Ê " / " - t 'FE&Y &YQSFTT BOE (SPVOE )VCT t 614 (SPVOE )VC / t $PMMFHFT 6OJWFSTJUJFT t (BUFXBZ 6OJWFSTJUZ 3FTFBSDI 1BSL t +PJOU 4DIPPM PG /BOPTDJFODF /BOPFOHJOFFSJOH t /$ $FOUFS GPS (MPCBM -PHJTUJDT 1 ÛiÃÊ iÀ ½-Ê* t Ê * / t $SFBUJWF t *OOPWBUJWF t 1SPEVDUJWF t HSFFOTCPSPFEB!HSFFOTCPSP PSH t XXX HSFFOTCPSPFEB DPN Ê-Ê Ê/ Ê ", /1 Ê*,"* ,/ - 9oÕt nno , Ê >nÊ ", Û>Ìio / Ê/ i]Ê-o " ," nÊ/hÀi / Ê OPENCOMPUTE.ORG

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