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18,693. It's the nation's 16th busiest in operations, 19th in passengers and 35th in cargo. It not only boosts the local economy but attracts companies. Chiquita Brands International Inc. announced in November it would move its headquarters from Cincinnati to Charlotte, partially because of the airport's many interna- tional flights. While airports typically provide the same commercial or general aviation services, location and other characteristics allow for some to have specialized capabilities. For example, Currituck County Regional Airport is the only airport along the Outer Banks that serves business-jet aircraft. Plans include additional hangars, runway expansions and an adjoining aviation industrial park. Aircraft must be manufactured, then serviced throughout their operational lives, which creates a variety of jobs. More than 180 aerospace and aviation companies are engaged in manufacturing and employ more than 9,500 in North Carolina. The N.C. Department of Commerce selected aerospace as one of four sectors for its targeted growth strategy. In 2002, the Small Business and Technology Develop- ment Center, which operates under N.C. State University and in partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration, LGHQWLÀ HG DLUFUDIW UHSDLU PDLQWHQDQFH DQG overhaul as a growth industry. Globally, the 21,494 commercial aircraft forecast to be in service in 2012 will provide $50 billion for the maintenance, repair and overhaul market. The state is poised to receive its share of that market because of efforts that support aviation- and aerospace-business growth. The N.C. Department of Commerce-spon- sored North Carolina Aerospace Executive Forum, held in different cities each year, EULQJV JRYHUQPHQW RIÀ FLDOV HGXFDWRUV DQG executives together to discuss the state of WKH LQGXVWU\ 1RQSURÀ W LQGXVWU\ JURXSV such as the North Carolina Aerospace Alliance, also provide support. A Golden LEAF-funded alliance of industry, univer- VLW\ FRPPXQLW\ FROOHJH DQG QRQSURÀ W organizations, it holds quarterly meetings and occasional conferences around the state. Golden LEAF distributes half of J A N U A R Y 2012 • 1& &RPPXQLW\ &ROOHJHV RIIHU LQGXVWU\ UHODWHG DYLDWLRQ DQG DHURVSDFH SURJUDPV DW FROOHJHV • 6WXGHQWV FDQ JR RQ WR FDUHHUV LQ HQJLQHHULQJ DYLRQLFV DQG DLUFUDIW PHFKDQLFV DV ZHOO DV PDQ\ VXE LQGXVWULHV WKDW VXSSRUW DYLDWLRQ DQG DHURVSDFH 7\OHU 6DVVHU :D\QH &RPPXQLW\ &ROOHJH 0DQXIDFWXULQJ (QJLQHHU $$5 0RELOLW\ 6\VWHPV LQ $YLDWLRQ DQG $HURVSDFH ZZZ QFFRPPXQLW\FROOHJHV HGX THE NEXT HONDA IN YOUR LIFE. Proud to be a Part of North Carolina's Legacy of Leadership in Aviation | 888-453-5937

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