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AeroSystems Inc. have major manufacturing sites in North Carolina and produce about 20% of the world's aerostructures, which include airplane wings and control surfaces. The industry is embraced at both the state and federal levels, Jones says. ´,W·V GHÀQLWHO\ D SULRULW\ IRU SROLWLFLDQV DQG IRU WZR UHDVRQV 2QH it's advanced-manufacturing, so it creates higher-end jobs that pay well. People aren't making $10 an hour — they're making $25. Two, WKHVH FRQWUDFWV ZLOO UXQ IRU ÀYH RU PRUH \HDUV HVSHFLDOO\ RQ WKH commercial side, so those are a lot of stable jobs coming in." In May 2008, the Global TransPark, a 2,500-acre industrial airport site, announced that Spirit AeroSystems would build a new, $570 million complex to manufacture elements of the Airbus A350 XWB airliner. The 600,000-square-foot operation opened in 2010 on 304 acres and is projected to employ 1,000 by 2014. But the proj- HFW·V YDOXH JRHV EH\RQG WKH HFRQRPLF EHQHÀWV RI WKH PDQXIDFWXULQJ plant: The Spirit AeroSystems Composite Center of Excellence, a conference center the company built along with the factory, provides state-of-the-art training for workers through the state's community- college system. The aviation industry encompasses civilian and military aircraft manufacturers and maintenance operations as well as companies that employ pilots. Aerospace has aspects of aviation but also includes civil and military space programs. Projects like the Greensboro-based Atlantic Aero Inc. uses precision tools to manufacture aircraft parts. WHO KNOWS WHAT AIRPLANES WILL LOOK LIKE 10 YEARS FROM NOW. Or what they'll be made of. Or what will power them. At the North Carolina Global TransPark, we're teaming up with enterprises that are on the cutting edge of flight. They're developing new materials, new technologies, new ideas. Maybe your company should be here. GL BALTRANSPARK NORTH CAROLINA GREENWICH AEROGROUP

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