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ArrayXpress Inc. (Raleigh) applies bioinformatics to optimize bioprocesses, increase diagnostic ef ciency and provide contract research services, focusing on next generation genomics. ArroGen LLC (Greenville) develops technology and software to analyze complex mixed DNA samples. The Center for Advanced Forensics is ArroGen's lab center, which provides biological screening and STR analysis for forensic labs, attorneys and law enforcement agencies. Arysta LifeScience North America LLC (Cary) develops and manufactures crop protection products. Ascletis Inc. (Chapel Hill) discovers and develops treatments for cancer, HIV and HCV. The company is a joint venture between U.S. and Chinese entrepreneurs. Asinex ( Winston-Salem) designs small- molecule libraries and provides lead optimization, custom synthesis and other chemistry services. The Winston-Salem location is the company's U.S. headquarters. Asklepios Biopharmaceutical Inc. (Chapel Hill) develops protein- and cell-based therapies using a proprietary technology platform called Biological Nano Particles (BNP). Aspir-Tek Inc. (Rocky Mount) makes Aquaprin, an FDA-approved water-soluble aspirin. Asymchem Laboratories (Morrisville) provides contract chemical- and drug-manufacturing services. Asymchem's administrative headquarters is in North Carolina and its manufacturing plants are in China. ATEX Technologies Inc. (Pinebluf ) designs, develops and manufactures medical textiles and component solutions for the medical industry. Attagene Inc. (Morrisville) has developed a pathway prof ling technology to evaluate the impact of pharmaceuticals and environmental chemicals on over 100 transcription factors and 48 nuclear receptors. Avertica Inc. (Research Triangle Park) develops compounds and polymers for electronic device applications, including the development of biomimetic and bio-based electronic materials. Avioq Inc. (Research Triangle Park) develops and manufactures diagnostic assays and equipment for detecting infectious diseases. Products include HIV-1 and HTLV-I/II assays, biomaterials for HIV research and labware. Avioq also of ers contract assay development and manufacturing. Avoca Inc. (Merry Hill) develops and manufactures botanical extraction products, and provides extraction services. Avoca contracts with farmers to grow clary sage, and also processes krill oil for omega-3 fatty acids. avoca b3bio Inc. (Research Triangle Park) develops RNA oligonucleotide-based drugs to treat cancer, inf ammation and infection. Baebies Inc. (Durham) develops and commercializes digital microf uidic technology used to perform multiplex enzymatic assays for newborn screenings. Banner Life Sciences (High Point), the products and technologies division of Patheon, researches, develops and produces gelatin- based oral dosage pharmaceutical products. Barbaresco Pharma LLC (Chapel Hill) is a target drug discovery company focused on obesity, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. BaseTrace (Research Triangle Park) develops DNA-based industrial f uid tracers for environmental monitoring and process optimization in the energy sector. BASF Corp. (Research Triangle Park) develops plant health products and seed treatments, and conducts plant biotechnology research with a focus on yield and quality traits in major crops. Business units in RTP include the crop protection and plant science groups. Baxter Healthcare Corp. (Marion) produces intravenous and peritoneal dialysis solutions, as well as empty containers and component parts for other Baxter facilities. Bayer CropScience LP (Research Triangle Park, Clayton and Pikeville) uses the tools of plant biotechnology to develop seeds and products for crop protection and nonagricultural pest control. The Clayton site performs pesticide research, specif cally in turfgrasses and ornamentals. The Pikeville site identif es, tests and develops new cotton and soybean varieties. BD Diagnostics (Burlington, Durham and Mebane) develops and commercializes molecular diagnostic products for various cancers, including cervical, breast, ovarian and prostate. BD Rx Inc. ( Wilson) manufactures medical devices and injection- and infusion-based drug-delivery products. turing.asp BD Technologies (Research Triangle Park) develops technologies for parenteral drug delivery, diabetes care, diagnostics and biosensors, and cell and tissue engineering. The RTP site is BD's Corporate Technology R&D center. Life science economic activity contributes $73 billion to N.C.'s economy. North Carolina Bioscience Companies 5 Companies 1 – Ar Companies Ba – Be

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