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United Therapeutics Corp. (Research Triangle Park) develops and commercializes products to treat cardiopulmonary diseases, infectious diseases and cancer. Vascular BioSciences Inc. (Durham) is a biopharmaceutical company developing solutions for dif cult-to-treat cardiovascular and inf ammatory diseases. Vascular Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Chapel Hill) develops and commercializes therapeutic products to treat secondary complications of diabetes. Velosal Medical Inc. (Cary) develops medical devices for enhancing and improving patient care in the critical care and emergency markets. Its f rst product is a video guided laryngoscope for use in tracheal intubations. Venafair LLC (Asheville) develops vascular agents for the treatment of varicose veins. Verdesian Life Sciences LLC (Cary) develops agricultural products with a focus in plant health, inoculants, seed treatment and nutrition. Vertellus Specialties Inc. (Greensboro) manufactures specialty chemicals for the agriculture, nutrition, pharmaceutical, medical and personal care markets. Viamet Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Durham) discovers and develops small-molecule compounds that target metalloenzymes in infectious disease, oncology and crop protection. ViiV Healthcare (Research Triangle Park), in conjunction with parent companies GlaxoSmithKline and Pf zer, develops drugs to treat HIV infection and disease. Vijaya Pharmaceuticals LLC (Research Triangle Park) provides medicinal and synthetic organic chemistry services to the pharmaceutical and allied industries. ViraSource LLC (Research Triangle Park) propagates and purif es BSL-2 viruses and provides animal models of viral infections and antiviral immune responses. WanGene Diagnostics Inc. (Research Triangle Park) is developing lateral-f ow immunoassays and molecular diagnostic products. West Pharmaceutical Services Inc. (Kinston) manufactures syringe plungers and IV system components, using compression molding. WIL Research (Hillsborough) provides contract toxicologic pathology and histology services. Wilmington Pathology Associates (Wilmington), a Solstas Lab Partners company, of ers surgical pathology and cytopathology diagnostic services. Wilmington Pharmaceuticals LLC (Wilmington) develops fast-dissolving dosage forms for established medicines. Xanof Inc. (Raleigh) manufactures nanof bers which may be used in surgery, wound care, regenerative medicine and other f elds. Its f rst product, XanoMatrix, is a growth platform that mimics native tissue structures in order to simulate in vivo conditions. www.xanof .com Xellia Pharmaceuticals USA LLC (Raleigh) manufactures generic injectable pharmaceutical products in four therapeutic areas: anti-infective, anesthesia/analgesia, critical care and oncology. Xenobiotic Detection Systems Inc. (Durham) of ers patented bioassays to facilitate assessment of environmental and human health risks. X-in8 Biologicals Corp. (Chapel Hill) develops technologies to prevent and treat ischemia reperfusion injury in the context of organ transplant, myocardial infarction and stroke. Yasoo Health Inc. (Raleigh) develops condition- specif c nutraceutical products consisting of essential nutrients and natural compounds. Yukon Medical LLC (Durham) designs and manufactures pharmaceutical drug preparation and delivery devices with a focus on drug reconstitution. Zenalux Biomedical Inc. (Durham) uses biophotonics to develop diagnostic tools, including an optical system for the clinical detection of cancer. ZenBio Inc. (Research Triangle Park) provides contract research services and human tissues and cells for drug discovery, especially in the area of human metabolic disease and dermatology. Zinfandel Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Chapel Hill) uses pharmacogenetics to improve prediction of risk for Alzheimer's disease and facilitate the development of ef ective therapies. Zoetis Inc. (Durham and Maxton) develops and manufactures vaccines and medications for poultry health. The company is a supplier of in ovo vaccination technology. Zoion Pharma Inc. (Raleigh) develops drugs for veterinary disorders. Zoion's lead product is an epithelial sodium channel blocker compound to treat canine keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) or dry eye. Zor Pharmaceuticals LLC (Wilmington) develops and commercializes therapies for the treatment of cancer, with a focus on pancreatic cancer. Zylera Pharmaceuticals LLC (Research Triangle Park) develops, acquires and commercializes prescription products and dietary supplements, specif cally for pediatric and women's health. RTP's ZenBio has turned $235K in NCBiotech loans, $250K in grants and $96K in fellowship support into some $10.5M in subsequent federal and other grant funding. North Carolina Bioscience Companies 35 Companies 1 – Ar X- – Zy

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