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Pf zer Inc. (Sanford) manufactures clinical trial and commercial drug substance materials for conjugate vaccines. Pf zer Neusentis (Durham), a Pf zer research unit, discovers, develops and commercializes small-molecule drugs that target ion channels, with a focus on epilepsy, pain and inf ammatory disorders. PharmaCore Inc. (High Point) performs chemistry services for the pharmaceutical industry. Services include custom organic synthesis, chemical process R&D, analytical services and cGMP manufacturing for scale-up of pharmaceutical APIs. PharmaDirections Inc. (Cary) provides scientif c and regulatory consulting for drug development and project management with a focus on preclinical, CMC and regulatory services. PharmAgra Labs Inc. (Brevard) conducts contract research and development in organic chemistry. The company also of ers cGMP services including the preparation of drug substances for use in clinical trials as well as low-volume API manufacturing. PharmaLogika Inc. (Willow Springs) develops, manufactures and markets prescription medication and medical devices primarily for neurological diseases, as well as over-the- counter medications and supplements for humans and animals. Pharm-Olam International (Research Triangle Park) provides phase one through four clinical research services to the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. Phenogen Sciences Inc. (Charlotte) provides predictive testing and risk assessment tools that help physicians proactively manage patient health. Physcient Inc. (Durham) develops new surgical tools designed to decrease tissue damage and improve surgical outcomes. Physicians Laboratories (Kernersville) produces and distributes Revival Soy protein products and diet products. PhytoChem Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Cary) is developing a prescription medical food for the treatment of metabolic processes and inf ammation involved in breast cancer recurrence. Phytonix Corp. (Asheville) develops and commercializes technologies and manufacturing processes that photosynthetically convert CO2, with solar energy and water, into low-cost chemicals and fuels like n-butanol. PhytoPharmacon Inc. (Garner) derives natural ingredients from botanical sources and specializes in development, from agronomy through pilot scale processing, and high-volume supply of natural products for the food and cosmetic industries. Piedmont Biofuels (Pittsboro) produces and distributes biofuel, researches enzymatic processes for more ef cient feedstock-to-fuel conversion, provides laboratory testing to other biodiesel producers and of ers consulting services to the industry. Piedmont Pharmaceuticals LLC (Greensboro) develops and licenses human-health and animal-health therapeutics with a focus on parasitology and drug delivery systems. Pique Therapeutics Inc. (Durham) develops therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of cancer. Pisgah Labs Inc. (Pisgah Forest) manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients on a contract basis. Pisgah Labs' cGMP facility includes an aseptic manufacturing suite. Plant Health Care Inc. (Raleigh) provides novel biological products and technologies to promote plant health and increase crop yields. Plureon Corp. (Winston-Salem) develops a technology platform based on pluripotent stem cells extracted from amniotic f uid and placenta. These cells may be used in regenerative medicine and other therapies. Polyzen Inc. (Apex) is a contract manufacturer that designs, develops, and manufactures polymer-based medical devices. Powered Research LLC (Research Triangle Park) provides contract research services to life sciences companies using both established and novel nonclinical models. POZEN Inc. (Chapel Hill) develops products for the treatment of acute and chronic pain, and for pain-related conditions. PPD (Wilmington, Durham and Morrisville) provides drug discovery, development, lifecycle management and laboratory services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, academic and government organizations. PRA Health Sciences (Raleigh) provides clinical research and trial services for all phases of clinical development. Every dollar NCBiotech distributes in grants to universities and similar institutions to help commercialize life science ideas is met with an average $28 in follow-on funding, such as NIH grants. Companies Pf – Qu North Carolina Bioscience Companies 28

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