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Mycosynthetix Inc. (Hillsborough) manages a large collection of fungal isolates. Metabolites from these are applied to drug and agrochemical discovery, and enzymes to industrial applications such as biofuel research. Nano Oncology Inc. (Chapel Hill) develops targeted chemotherapeutics to treat cancer using nanotechnology. NanoCor Therapeutics Inc. (Chapel Hill) develops an intracellular genetic protein therapy for the treatment of chronic heart failure. NanoDiagnostic Technology LLC (Kannapolis) is developing a handheld biomonitoring device incorporating a functionalized nanoparticle and a lateral f ow test strip to detect environmental exposure to organophosphate in a blood sample. NanoMedica LLC (Winston-Salem) provides ultrasensitive detection reagents and nanotechnology-based drug discovery services and tools to biopharmaceutical companies as well as DNA and RNA sequencing services. NANOpkg (Charlotte) develops next- generation nanoscale materials for the detection and treatment of human disease, specif cally the development of targeted therapies designed to dif erentiate diseased cells from otherwise healthy cells. NanoVector Inc. (Raleigh) is commercializing a plant virus nanoparticle to develop a family of targeted-delivery, small-molecule cancer drugs. Natland International Corp. (Morrisville) provides contract research synthesis of pharmaceuticals and custom organic chemicals. Natural Discoveries Inc. (High Point) provides biologically-active natural products for analysis, research and manufacturing to the pharmaceutical, agricultural and natural products industries. Natural Products & Glycotechnology Research Institute Inc. (Pittsboro) develops new methods for the synthesis of oligosaccharides to be used in the development of vaccines or diagnostic tools, and also in improved synthesis of ribonucleotides. Nature's Pearl Corp. (Advance) manufactures nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products from muscadine grape seeds and skins. Its products are manufactured in a cGMP facility and have been studied in clinical trials for ef cacy. nContact Inc. (Morrisville) is developing a cardiac coagulation device for the endoscopic treatment of cardiovascular arrhythmias, including atrial f brillation. NephroGenex Inc. (Raleigh) develops kidney disease therapeutics, with a focus on diabetic nephropathy. Neurocath LLC (Asheville) is developing a device to monitor blood sugar levels and administer glucose and insulin. NeuroNano Pharma Inc. (Chapel Hill) develops drug-delivery technologies and nanomedicines that cross the blood-brain barrier to reach the central nervous system. NeuroRepair Therapeutics Inc. (Research Triangle Park) develops drugs for multiple sclerosis, with a lead compound that shows activity in neuroprotection, remyelination and neuroregeneration. Neuroscience Research Institute of North Carolina ( Winston-Salem) is a nonprof t corporation that conducts NIH-funded research on brain functions, alcoholism, Parkinson's disease, schizophrenia and pain regulations. NeuroTronik Inc. (Durham) develops medical technology for the treatment of acute heart failure syndrome. Nexgen Biosciences (Raleigh) is developing next generation anti-infective therapeutics ef ective against antibiotic-resistant strains of micro-organisms. NIRvana Sciences Inc. (Research Triangle Park) is commercializing f uorescent dyes for use in medical diagnostics and optical imaging tests. Nitta Gelatin NA Inc. (Morrisville and Fayetteville) manufactures food, pharmaceutical and technical gelatin, and is the maker of beMatrix Low Endotoxin Gelatin. beMatrix is used in the f elds of regenerative medicine, medical devices and scientif c research. Nitta Gelatin's Fayetteville plant produces 3,000 tons of pharmaceutical and food-grade gelatins per year. North Carolina Clinical Research (Raleigh) conducts phase one through four trials in a variety of therapeutic areas at its outpatient clinical research facility. North Carolina Microbiology Laboratory (Lincolnton) of ers microbiology testing services for the indoor air quality and wood products industries. Services include fungal identif cation, bacterial identif cation and product decay resistance characterization. Nova Synthetix Inc. (Durham) is developing and commercializing a nontoxic castor plant that produces a unique fatty acid used as a high-value chemical feedstock. They contract with growers and are developing downstream markets for their castor product. Novametics (Durham) develops and manufactures blood coagulation diagnostic products. Novan Therapeutics (Durham) develops nitric oxide-releasing nanoparticle technology, which has therapeutic potential in applications related to immune system response, wound healing and blood pressure regulation. North Carolina Bioscience Companies 25 Companies 1 – Ar Companies No – On

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