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Global Vaccines Inc. (Durham) is a not-for-prof t company that develops vaccines against developing-country diseases such as HIV/AIDS, polio, dengue fever, malaria and viral diarrhea (rotavirus). Glycan Therapeutics Inc. (Chapel Hill) is developing therapies for thrombosis and tools to aid research in the study of sugar chains or glycobiology. Glycotech Inc. (Leland) is a contract manufacturer using renewable biofarnesene from a partnership with Amyris to manufacture products such as biofuels, lubricants, cosmetics and other specialty chemicals. They have developed a process to convert cornmeal to ethanol. Goldsboro Laboratories LLC (Goldsboro) develops and manufactures vaccines for the swine, poultry and cattle divisions of Goldsboro Milling Company. Gravity Bio Inc. (Chapel Hill) develops and commercializes pharmaceutical drugs and medicinal preparations that treat cough, cold, allergies, f u and other viruses, and nasal, bronchial, respiratory and associated congestion. Greer Laboratories Inc. (Lenoir) develops and distributes animal and human allergy immunotherapy products and services. Grifols Inc. (Research Triangle Park, Raleigh and Clayton) develops and produces plasma-derived products, including plasma therapies, hospital pharmacy products and diagnostic technology, to treat chronic and acute conditions in the therapeutic areas of immunology, pulmonology and hemostasis. Grifols' Clayton plant is the company's primary manufacturing facility. GTCAllison LLC (Mocksville) researches and develops diagnostic tests for animal pathogens. GW Pharmaceuticals (Research Triangle Park) develops cannabinoid prescription medicines as well as other plant-based pharmaceuticals. GW's products include Sativex for the treatment of MS spaticity and cancer pain, and Epidiolex for the treatment of childhood epilepsy. The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences (Research Triangle Park), a nonprof t research organization, focuses on research in chemical and drug safety and works with academic, industry and government partners to bring improved medicines from bench to bedside. Happy Jack Inc. (Snow Hill) manufactures insecticides and pharmaceutical preparations to treat dogs. HCEC LLC (Winston-Salem) isolates cells from donor corneas to grow replacement corneal tissue in the laboratory. HDH Pharma Inc. (Morrisville) provides contract chemistry research services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including medicinal and process chemistry, and custom synthesis. Health Decisions Inc. (Durham) is a global clinical research organization that specializes in applying adaptive principles to both trial design and operations. Healthspan Diagnostics LLC (Chapel Hill) develops molecular diagnostics to help physicians predict risk of adverse reactions in response to chemotherapy and surgeries. Heat Biologics Inc. (Durham) develops therapeutic vaccines to combat a range of cancers and infectious diseases. Hemo Bioscience Inc. (Morrisville) is an FDA-registered manufacturer of blood-typing reagents and diagnostics for the blood-banking industry. Hemodynamic Therapeutics (Durham) develops small-molecule combination therapy for obesity-related hypertension. Hemoglobin Diagnostics LLC (Research Triangle Park) develops diagnostic tests for clinically relevant hemoglobin variants for use in screening, conf rmations and point-of-care facilities. HepatoSys Inc. (Cornelius) develops technologies for functional restoration of donor livers for use in transplantation and research, focusing on methods for expanding availability of quality human hepatocytes for research and toxicity testing. High Point Clinical Trials Center (High Point) conducts phase one and two clinical research studies for pharmaceutical companies. High Point Pharmaceuticals LLC (High Point) was spun out of TransTech Pharma to manage the development of drugs for obesity and diabetes. HOMS LLC (Pittsboro) develops, manufactures and markets natural products such as the Bite Blocker line of insect repellents and Bio Block organic insecticides. Hongene Biotechnology USA Inc. (Morrisville) develops and manufactures bio-reagents such as nucleosides, nucleotides and phosphoramidite products. Hospira Inc. (Rocky Mount) manufactures injectable hospital products. The facility also provides contract manufacturing services such as aseptic f lling, lyophilization and terminal sterilization. Howard Associates LLC (Research Triangle Park) provides preclinical contract research services to the pharmaceutical industry. The company uses rodent models to predict the ef cacy of experimental compounds, especially for CNS diseases, and to predict CNS side ef ects. North Carolina Bioscience Companies 19 Companies 1 – Ar

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