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Best Employers 2015

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A d v e r t i s e m e n t BEST EMPLOYERS I N N O R T H C A R O L I N A W illiams Mullen is a diferent kind of law frm that blends the law, government rela- tions and economic development to help grow the business of our clients and the economy of our region. Te same unique values that we apply to the business of our frm also defne our internal culture and community involvement. Finding Yes Every day, we work as a team in "Find- ing Yes" for clients and each other. We remove roadblocks and connect clients to solutions that help them grow in today's economy. We celebrate and reward inter- nal eforts toward the success of our cli- ents with a monthly "Spotlight Award," an annual "Community Service Award," and our "Sean Miles Teamwork Award." Our people tell us they are pleasantly surprised at the accessibility of our leadership and that our leaders encourage innovation and entrepreneurialism. Community Leadership We encourage team members to give to the community of their time and talents. Our teams bike, walk, run, vol- unteer and donate for the cause, and we provide four hours of paid time each year to every employee to make it easy to get and stay involved. Every year, our frm and its charitable Foundation give back over $500,000, donate over 18,000 community- service and legal pro bono hours and our people hold over 250 leadership positions on the boards and committees of over 200 local nonproft organizations. We host and sponsor numerous community events, initiatives and service projects, provid- ing many opportunities for employees, colleagues and clients to interact with one another, have fun and give back. Culture and Benefts To keep things fun throughout the year, we regularly hold internal engage- ment events that promote collegiality including family gatherings, picnics, holiday celebrations, an activity-flled Staf Appreciation Week, summer ice cream and watermelon socials, and a networking breakfast every Friday. Williams Mullen is proud to ofer generous health and wellness benefts to employees and their families. In addi- tion to traditional benefts, we provide all employees with access to third-party resources for retirement and investment planning and ongoing fscal education. Trough our Foundation, we award annual university scholarships to eligible children and grandchildren of staf members. We care for the health of our em- ployees through our "Finding Wellness" program by incentivizing preventive care and rewarding healthy living. We partner with our health care provider to optimize the resources available to enable optimum health and wellness. We are proud of "Finding Yes" for our clients and of all of the engaged employ- ees, teams and initiatives that enable us to be listed among the "Best Employers in North Carolina." We couldn't do it with- out you. Tank you for your recognition of Williams Mullen. Attor Williams Mullen pride in "Team WM ts.Teams perform community service and participate in local events and fundraisers. NC, VA, DC • Teamwork promotes innovation Williams Mullen

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