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Italy-based Le Caselle SRL. It is hungry for a bite of U.S. savory-snack sales, which totaled about $30 billion in 2013, about a third of worldwide sales. The building was empty when LC America acquired it in 2011. The company has since refurbished the factory. "It's not a plant you fnd everywhere," LC America CEO Stefano Cazzaniga says. "I remember when [employees] were working on the assembly. They had no idea. They had never seen it." That made fnding qualifed workers diffcult. So Gina Rogers helped LC America develop its own. Rogers is a workforce-development instructor and coordinator at Guilford Technical Community College in Jamestown. Like her colleagues working for the other 57 schools in the N.C. Community College System, she collaborates with companies to create training programs for their specifc needs. GTCC's clients include Greens- boro-based Honda Aircraft Co., Burling- ton-based Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings and New York-based Ralph Lauren Corp. Though their Workers wer y foor, abov . 53 N o rt h C a r o l i N a E Co N o m i C D E v E lo p m E N t G u i D E

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