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Q & A 10 N o rt h C a r o l i N a E Co N o m i C D E v E lo p m E N t G u i D E A better wAy to do business N ort Carolina as ket- w costs and a skilled workforce. Gov. Pat McCrory intends to make it even more convenient to executive S on Decker secretary of commerce and dir create a public-private par elopment. It would andle t e N.C. Department of Commerce's marketing and recruiting efforts oviding better service for to mov e. After studying similar effor - proft Economic Development Par or arolina Inc. is open for business. J , a former senior vice president lotte-based department-stor elk Inc. and owner man of its 15-member board. A lotte, e worked wit ayor McCrory on economic-development projects. Lassiter and Decker sat do epartment of Environment and Natural Resources' Nature Resear enter in R ate and its poten - tial. Editor Peter Anderson moder ranscript was edited for brevity and clarity. The state streamlines marketing and recruitment with a public-private economic-development partnership. S on Decker is secretar epartment of Commerce.

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