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6 the Professional Engineer Fall 2014 T he North Carolina Department of the Environment and Natural Resources and the North Carolina Mining (NCDENR) and Energy Commission (NCMEC) over the past 18 months have been creating a modern regulatory program for the state focused on the management of oil and gas study and advancement activities, including the use of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fractur- ing. Tis important technical evaluation and public service by NCMEC has involved receiving and incorporating input from a wide variety of stake- holders who are both for and against the extraction of shale gas resources from beneath North Carolina's lands and groundwater resources. For some background on the creation of the NCEMC, following is text from the charter statement from NC Senate Bill 820 and House Bill 1054-Clean Energy and Economic Security Act: "Protect public health and safety; protect public and private property; protect and conserve the state's air, water and other natural resources; promote economic development and expand employment opportunities; and provide for the productive and efcient development of the state's oil and gas resources." To frack or not Engineers play a key role in protecting our groundwater F E AT U R E S T O R Y B y C h r i s to p h e r D. h a r D i n , p e

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