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5 Fall 2014 the Professional Engineer Bob has been "the rock" for PENC and for me personally. He has served in every position and won every award that PENC has to ofer. What can I say but thank you, Bob. I don't know what I or PENC would do without you. Tank you to Terri Helmlinger Ratclif, PE. Terri also has served in every position within PENC — most notably as president of NSPE — and won every award, including the national NSPE award. She has had a profound positive impact on the profession of engineering in North Carolina and has brought national acclaim to our state. And, quite amazingly, she can never say no, as she continues to mentor young women in PENC and serve as my own special counsel on everything from PENC to politics to where I should send my son to college. As Terri's term on NCBELS is drawing to a close, I want to thank her for her many years of dedicated service to the state. As the frst woman to serve as the board chair, she has broken new ground and paved the way for what I'm sure will be many future women NCBELS chairs in the years to come. Tank you to Ray Cox, PE, of Highfll Infra- structure. Another person who can never say no, Ray is currently in his second round of leadership within PENC, serving as this year's Action Group chair for resource stewardship. Ray has been a past president of PENC and served on PENC, Educa- tional Foundation and E-PAC boards. Ray is also a terrifc writer and has authored many articles for PENC's magazine. Tank you to Gus Simmons, PE, of Cavanaugh and Associates. Te recent legislation that reformed the regulatory review of engineering work was the result of an efort led by Gus, a recent past president of PENC. Although Gus no longer serves on the PENC board, he continues to volunteer his time with our action groups, authors articles for the magazine and makes frequent technical presenta- tions at PENC events. His most recent contribution to PENC's eforts was a highly acclaimed op-ed in the News and Observer on the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard. Tank you to Pam Townsend, PE, of Dewberry. After blazing a trail through PENC's leadership roles, Pam is a hard act to follow. While serving as PENC president, she was appointed by then Governor Beverly Perdue to serve as the "token engineer" on the Joining Our Businesses and Schools Commission. Since that time, Pam has made so much out of this opportunity as she advances STEM education across the state. She continues to lead our Future City eforts and provide support for the NC State/Wake County Early College High School and currently serves on the PENC Educational Foundation board. Also making her mark on the legislature several years ago with her famous measles map (which eventually resulted in a signifcant funding increase to replace and repair our state's bridges), Pam is now helping to lead a North Carolina Chamber coalition efort to increase the state's investment in transporta- tion infrastructure. Somehow, Pam never slows down or loses her enthusiasm and commitment for actually "living the mission" of PENC. Tank you, Pam, for your unwavering support and dedication to PENC and the profession of engineer- ing. You continue to amaze everyone around you. Tank you to NCBELS staf. Andrew Ritter, David Tuttle and David Evans are always willing to make presentations to our chapters and as part of other PENC events. Teir expertise, history with the board and considerable knowledge of state government are tremendous assets for licensees. Tank you to PE legislators. A tremendous debt of gratitude is owed to Representatives Arp, Catlin and Millis. Although they have only served in the legislature for two years, they already have accom- plished so much good for the profession of engineer- ing. I know the long hours these gentlemen work on our behalf — above and beyond a normal work week. Tey command tremendous respect on both sides of the aisle, and I'm sure their infuence will continue to grow as they accomplish great things for the good of the state. Tank you to Dave Crawford of AIA; Dave Simpson of AGC; and Jim Smith, PE, of ACEC/NC. PENC is thankful to have strong relationships with trusted colleagues and friends. Coalitions built with other organizations are tremendously valuable in accomplishing shared goals. Many of our legislative victories would not have been possible without the help and support of these organizations. Finally, thank you to all our members, volunteers, advisors and friends. I am very proud to serve the profession of engineering and the people who make the service worthwhile. I look forward to another great year for PENC.

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