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4 the Professional Engineer Fall 2014 Thank you My short column will be focused on saying thank you to members, supporters, legislators and others for their support of PENC and the profession of engineering. I'm sure I will forget someone very important, so hopefully I can make it up to that person some day in the near future. Tank you to Bill Roberts, PE, of Duke Energy, the immediate past president of PENC. When I realized after our recent summer conference that I had failed to ensure that Bill was ofcially presented the past president's plaque and had not been thanked publicly for his past service, I knew I needed to do something to make it right. Bill has been actively involved in PENC well before my time here (which is going on nine years). Serving as a MATHCOUNTS volunteer, chapter president, PENC and Educational Foundation board member and last year's president, Bill can always be counted on to support PENC and its many activities. Tis past year, he was a steadying force that kept us on track as we continued our leadership focus and enhanced legislative eforts. If you believe, as I do, that 80 percent of success is just showing up, then Bill far exceeded his 80 percent. He showed up for everything. Traveling from Hickory quite frequently, Bill participated in our legislative day, Future City activities, state MATHCOUNTS competi- tion and many board meetings. And he and his wife, Mildred, continue to help with registration at the Educational Foundation Golf tournament every year. Bill's warm smile; humble, self-deprecating attitude; and great sense of humor always put everyone around him at ease — which is especially important for someone in a leadership position. Since we both attended SEC schools, Bill and I share a love of college football; sometimes competitors on game day, but with all forgiven by the following week. Bill is fair, loyal and "honest as the day is long," as we Southerners like to say. Tese traits were never compromised. Bill's decision to focus on ethical engineering during his tenure is evidenced by the establishment of an action group that is charged with championing ethics in everything PENC does. Bill understood that ethics is at our core, and his legacy is to ensure that ethics is the foundation upon which we build and sustain this organization. Tank you, Bill, for everything — for your friendship, support and dedication to your profes- sion. (Your plaque is in my ofce.) Tank you to David Phipps, PE, formerly with Progress/Duke Energy and now living the good life in Ashe County. David's name is synonymous with our state MATHCOUNTS program, having run it for almost 30 years. Tis past year, David decided to yield the reins to a very worthy replacement, Marc Worth, PE. David was recognized for his eforts a few years ago when he received the PENC Distinguished Service Award. A truly passionate volunteer, David took his commitment to MATHCOUNTS very seriously, elevating North Carolina's recognition at the national level to among the top 10 each year. Te success of MATHCOUNTS can be attributed to many volunteers, but none more than David. Tank you, David, for instilling the love of math in thousands of young students each year. Your eforts are a true testament to the diference one person can make. Tank you to Sarah Pufer, PE, of Duke Energy. Sarah was a force to be reckoned with as she led the Central Carolina Chapter as president two years ago and served on the board for several years before completing her term this past year. Sarah invigorated the chapter by recruiting new, young leaders to the board and re-establishing an active relationship with the student chapter at NC State. Sarah now serves on the PENC Educational Foundation. Tank you, Sarah for your energy, grand organiza- tional skills and commitment to PENC. Tank you to Bob Via, PE, of Duke Energy — one of my favorites, if I'm allowed to have them. Although it goes without saying it should always be said. F r o m t h e e x e c u t i v e D i r e c t o r B y B E t s y B a i l E y

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