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24 the Professional Engineer Fall 2014 Te REITCis another policy mecha- nism used to attract investment in renew- able energy facilities and resources. In North Carolina, individuals or corpora- tions may receive a tax credit equal to 35 percent of the cost of eligible renewable energy property, limited to 50 percent of annual tax liability. With $2.1 billion in renewable energy technology investment since 2007, the tax credit has created a steady and expanding stream of revenue to state and local governments. RTI International reports that tax credits taken by taxpayers who developed renewable energy projects since 2007 have supported $1.93 in state or local govern- ment revenue for each $1 of incentive. Only taxpayers and corporations with North Carolina tax liability qualify for this credit, keeping renewable energy invest- ment and jobs within our state. REPS and REITC helped the North Carolina solar industry establish itself in the state and become the Southeast leader. North Carolina is now exporting special- ized labor, products and services to new markets that have opened up because of similar incentives and requirements established by neighboring states. Te economic impact that these policies have had in North Carolina is perhaps the most important evidence to continue support for the clean energy industry. As our state and nation continue to struggle with unemployment, stagnant wages and decreased opportunities for low-skilled laborers, the North Carolina solar industry has created jobs and trained thousands of professionals across the state. Te 2013 Clean Energy Industry Census says clean energy industry supports more than 18,400 jobs, which are generating $3.6 billion in gross revenues for our state's economy. Te maturation of the downstream solar industry is a case in point: Solar developers are employing and training local laborers in rural areas and then clustering several systems in one location in order to more efciently construct systems without retraining a new labor force. Tis results in stabilized income and employment for a tradi- tionally disenfranchised portion of the rural population. For many North Carolina counties, these projects are the largest increase to their tax base in more than 10 years — all without the need for new infrastruc- ture such as schools, roads and sewers. According to John Morrison, senior vice president of public afairs and asset management for Strata Solar, solar systems create 2 to 8 times more tax revenue than that from prior land use. S o l a r Sometimes Opportunity Doesn't Knock. It Clicks. Help New Clients Find You and Make it Easy For Existing Clients to Refer You by Advertising in the Only Online NC Engineering Directory $100 Gets You In! Validate Your Expertise Among All Your Competitors The NC Engineering Directory will be marketed to local, state and federal decision-makers Including the NC League of Municipalities, The Association of County Commissioners,state agencies such as NCDENR, NCDOT and NC State Construction Office and select federal agencies as THE place to go if you're looking for Professional Engineering Services in NC. Sign Up Today at: OR contact Bestsy Bailey, Executive Director 919-834-1144 Ex.1 • "I have been advertising locally for 21 years and never received a referral. Within only two weeks of my ad being posted on the Online NC Engineering Directory I received a referral from a customer who had seen the ad." — Conrad Carter, PE, President Alpha Environmental Management, Inc. Highlight Your Firm's Specialty Areas and Projects Reach Beyond Word of Mouth Marketing Search Engine Optimization Brings the Client to You Professional Engineers of North Carolina A state society of the National Society of Professional Engineers

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