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4 the Professional Engineer Spring 2014 Divide and conquer Welcome to the newly designed and repackaged the Professional Engineer, the magazine for North Carolina professional engineers. If you've been paying attention, you may have noticed that the magazine went on hiatus for a year. But through a partnership with Business North Carolina magazine, its publication has resumed, and there will be four issues this year. As the only North Carolina engineering magazine, it will keep you informed on the engi- neering issues and projects across the state that you need to know about. At the same time, the activities of Professional Engineers of North Carolina, how it is involved in these issues and the important accom- plishments of its members, will be reported. And because our publication is distributed to not only members of PENC but nonmembers, legislators, decision-makers and other "non-engineers," the articles will be broad and multidisciplinary — very diferent from what you might see in a typical technical magazine or periodical. Te resurrection of the magazine coincides nicely with the transformation going on within PENC. As our president — Bill Roberts, PE — dis- cusses in his column, over the past three or four years, during the height of the recession, PENC and its national organization, National Society of Professional Engineers, began an introspective examination of what do our members or perspec- tive members want and need from our associa- tions. Te prevailing theme that emerged from numerous discussions of our board and members who have been involved in stakeholder and work- group discussions was engineering leadership, the need to develop the leadership potential in our members for their personal and professional beneft. At the same time, we need leaders within the engineering profession so that PENC can take an active role in shaping policy and legislation in a more meaningful way. Tis renewed focus on leadership development led to the realization that we have various levels of leaders within the organization. Individual members at each level have diferent needs. While we cannot begin to accommodate a personalized leadership experience for every member, our goal is to ofer a unique program for members at diferent points in their career: emerging leader, team leader, organiza- tional leader and societal leader. You'll hear more about this later as we continue to identify and align our current benefts and programs — and perhaps ofering something new — so that we can meet your needs regardless of where you are in your career. Tis year, however, we will focus on what our members have told us. Tey want PENC to take a more prominent and aggressive leadership role. Engineering Leadership Action Groups will now replace the outdated state committee structure that has become inefcient in moving PENC goals forward. Tese Action Groups, as defned below, will address issues important to the engineering profession. Each group's membership will consist of individuals in emerging, team, organizational and societal career stages. By the time of this publica- tion, most of these action groups will have already started their work. Magazine returns as Action Groups tackle issues in engineering F r o m t h e e x e c u t i v e D i r e c t o r B y B e t s y B a i l e y FromExecDir_Winter14.indd 4 3/27/14 11:30 AM

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