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3 Spring 2014 the Professional Engineer 3 market. No organization can be everything to everyone. PENC's target market consists of young members (28-40 years old), young prospects (28-40 years old) and older members (45 and older). Our goal is to do a better job of recruiting and retaining younger licensed engineers while sustaining and utilizing long-term members, who bring much experience and value. All of this history brings us to today. Te work done at the 2013 Summer Conference took us to the next level. Unlike past conferences where participants were passive listeners, we involved, engaged, invigo- rated and provoked thoughts in these topics: ensuring infrastructure safety, resource stewardship, ethics, regulatory reform, creating healthy communities, achieving healthy outcomes and cyber security. During our World Café Happy Hour at the confer- ence, where people sat and shared ideas, we facili- tated a conversation on the role PEs play in solving problems in those areas. During the fnal session of the conference we took what we learned from World Café and then summarized and reached consensus on what would be the new leadership focus for PENC: Infrastructure, Resource Stewardship of the Environment (including Energy), Ethics and Regulatory Reform. Please read the article by PENC Executive Director Betsy Bailey in this issue. She focuses on these action groups and their objectives. In August 2013 the PENC Executive Committee held a strategic planning discussion where it was encouraged to think about membership diferently — who do we want in PENC versus how do we get everyone. We also need to provide greater value to our members, recognizing that they need diferent benefts depending on where they are in their career. We identifed four types of leaders: emerging leaders, team leaders, organizational leaders and societal leaders. All PENC benefts, including Action Group members, will be aligned with these leadership levels so that members can grow throughout their career. Tose of us on the Executive Committee have learned a lot over these past four years. We recognize that PENC's mission — to promote ethical, competent and licensed engineering and enhance the profes- sional, social and economic well being of its members — remains relevant. Second, PENC ofers a unique membership experience that sets it apart. No other engineering organization does all these things: • Structured leadership-development programs and opportunities through a chapter and committee structure • Meaningful and welcoming networking among peers with multidisciplinary backgrounds in the public and private sectors • Opportunities for members to be recognized for their expertise and to infuence regulatory and policy changes. • Continuing education through free webinars and on-demand courses. • High-quality events with topics that are relevant to PEs that maintain and improve their skills • Local chapters that bring PEs together • Timely, relevant information and support from a professional staf •A strong emphasis on the ethical practice of engineering Membership in a select group of PEs who are at the top of their profession (state legislators, local county commissioners or council members, members of state boards and committees, NCBELS board mem- bers, high ranking state employees) Finally, our strong legislative advocacy eforts are unique and extremely valuable. We are making a diference on issues important to our profession. Now that we've answered many of these tough questions, it's time to put all of it into action. You can support this mission, your PENC leadership team and your fellow members by learning, serving and sharing. Learn by reading and engaging in our new action groups. Serve when a fellow member calls on you. And share your thoughts, ideas, concerns, compli- ments and complaints with me or any Board of Gover- nors, Executive Committee or staf member. Tank you and I look forward to listening to you in 2014. Bill Roberts, PE, is a Manager of Economic Development at Duke Energy in Hickory, N.C. He is the current President of PENC. During the fnal session of the conference we took what we learned then summarized and reached consensus on what would be the new leadership focus for PENC. FromPres_Winter14.indd 3 3/27/14 11:29 AM

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