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19 Spring 2014 the Professional Engineer System and mirrors the current policy they have in place. • Designer is selected to do a minimal set of plans • Design-builder selected based on qualifcations and price • All subcontractors are selected based on traditional bidding 3. Public-private partnership contracts (143.128.1C) • Calls for public entity to declare in open meeting intention to enter into a public-private partnership — P3 • Requires approval of any P3 debt by local government commission or state Treasurer • Outlines bond/lien provisions • Allows for developers to decide, based on economic and local condi- tions, what construction delivery model is best used for the proposed project. • Requires the contract terms with the private developer to be reviewed at a public meeting and be open for public inspection. SECTION 5 Adds the same small business consideration language used in the new design-build meth- ods to the existing Construction Manager at Risk statute. SECTION 6 Adds bond/liens discharge procedures under 44A-16 for P3 project delivery method. SECTION 7 Provides for prototype provisions for K-12 schools. SECTION 8 Requires a purchase and contract study com- mittee to look at prequalifcation issues around existing traditional single-multi-prime and Construction Manager at Risk bidding • Must look at whether there is a fair, open and level playing feld for all contractors • Should ensure access to all North Carolina qualifed general contractors to do this work ConCepts Feature Sometimes Opportunity Doesn't Knock. It Clicks. Help New Clients Find You and Make it Easy For Existing Clients to Refer You by Advertising in the Only Online NC Engineering Directory $100 Gets You In! Validate Your Expertise Among All Your Competitors The NC Engineering Directory will be marketed to local, state and federal decision-makers Including the NC League of Municipalities, The Association of County Commissioners,state agencies such as NCDENR, NCDOT and NC State Construction Office and select federal agencies as THE place to go if you're looking for Professional Engineering Services in NC. Sign Up Today at: OR contact Ashley Mahoney, PENC Director of Business Operations 919-834-1144 Ex.2 • "I have been advertising locally for 21 years and never received a referral. Within only two weeks of my ad being posted on the Online NC Engineering Directory I received a referral from a customer who had seen the ad." — Conrad Carter, PE, President Alpha Environmental Management, Inc. Highlight Your Firm's Specialty Areas and Projects Reach Beyond Word of Mouth Marketing Search Engine Optimization Brings the Client to You Professional Engineers of North Carolina A state society of the National Society of Professional Engineers What it means for engineers The most important part of this legislation for PEs is the strong foundation it es- tablishes for quality-based selection of not just the designers but also the entire design build team. Additionally, it eliminates the ability of local governments and NCDOT to exempt themselves from QBS unless the project estimated fee is at or less than $50,000. Concepts2_spring14.indd 19 3/27/14 5:55 PM

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