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Special advertiSing Section N.C. Central University (Durham; www.nccu.edu) Enrollment: 6,658; admissions contact: Anthony Brooks, 919-530-6298; freshman applicants/accepted: 8,886/4,472; student/ faculty ratio: 15/1; mean SAT score (verbal/ math): 432/442; cost: $17,966 UNC Pembroke School of Graduate Studies (www.uncp.edu/grad) Enrollment: 765; admissions contact: Dr. Rebecca Bullard-Dillard, 910-521-6271, grad@ uncp.edu; graduate applicants/accepted: 295/279; student/faculty ratio: not provided; cost: not provided N.C. State University (Raleigh; www.ncsu.edu) Enrollment: 32,283; admissions contact: 919-515-2434; freshman applicants/accepted: 20,435/10,137; student/faculty ratio: 17/1; mean SAT score (critical reading/math): 591/627; cost: $20,644 UNC School of the Arts (Winston-Salem; www.ncarts.edu) Enrollment: 823; admissions contact: Sheeler Larson, 336-770-3290, admissions@uncsa.edu; freshman applicants/accepted: 1,145/444; student/faculty ratio: 7/1; mean SAT score (math/writing): 560/585; cost: $12,700 -13,900 (varies by program) UNC Asheville (www.unca.edu) Enrollment: 3,751; admissions contact: Shannon Earle, 800-531-9842, admissions @unca.edu; freshman applicants/accepted: 3,018/1,926; student/faculty ratio: 14/1; mean SAT score (critical reading/math/ writing): 600/594/572; cost: $14,097 UNC Wilmington (www.uncw.edu) Enrollment: 13,700; admissions contact: Marcio Moreno, 910-962-2029; freshman applicants/accepted: 13,149/6,158; student/ faculty ratio: 17/1; mean SAT score (verbal/ math): 581/594; cost: $20,601 UNC Chapel Hill (www.admissions.unc.edu) Enrollment: 18,503; admissions contact: Stephen Farmer, 919-966-3621, unchelp@ admissions.unc.edu; freshman applicants/ accepted: 29,497/7,847; student/faculty ratio: 14/1; mean SAT score (critical reading/math/writing): 645/660/635; cost: $23,416 Western Carolina University (Cullowhee; www.wcu.edu) Enrollment: 9,051; admissions contact: Phil Cauley, 828-227-7317, admiss@wcu.edu; freshman applicants/accepted: 15,234/5,739; student/faculty ratio: 15/1; mean SAT score (critical reading/math/writing): 515/526/486; cost: $14,809 Winston-Salem State University (www.wssu.edu) Enrollment: 6,000; admissions contact: Cathy Hoots, 336-750-2074, admissions@wssu. edu; freshman applicants/accepted: 7,763/2,877; student/faculty ratio: 18/1; mean SAT score (verbal/math): 454/469; cost: $16,242 UNC Charlotte (www.uncc.edu) Enrollment: 26,232; admissions contact: Claire Kirby, 704-687-5507, admissions @uncc.edu; freshman applicants/ accepted: 13,742/9,416; student/faculty ratio: 19/1; mean SAT score (critical reading/math/writing): 524/550/509; cost: $15,845 Private institutions UNC Greensboro (www.uncg.edu) Enrollment: 14,674; admissions contact: Lise Keller, 336-334-5243; freshman applicants/ accepted: 10,108/6,065; student/faculty ratio: 17/1; mean SAT score (verbal/math): 515/519; cost: $13,784 Barton College (Wilson; www.barton.edu) Enrollment: 1,106; admissions contact: Amanda Metts, 800-345-4973, enroll@barton. edu; freshman applicants/accepted: 2,686/1,415; student/faculty ratio: 12/1; mean SAT score (math/writing): 473/491; cost: $33,654 UNC Pembroke (www.uncp.edu) Enrollment: 6,249; admissions contact: Lela Clark, 910-521-6262; freshman applicants/ accepted: 3,087/2,224; student/faculty ratio: 15/1; mean SAT score (verbal/math): 455/472; cost: $13,838 Belmont Abbey College (www.belmontabbeycollege.edu) Enrollment: 1,706; admissions contact: Roger Jones, 704-461-6665; freshman applicants/ accepted: 1,843/1,185; student/faculty ratio: 16/1; mean SAT score (verbal/math): 497/513; cost: $18,500 (tuition only) The N.C. Community College System is the third largest in the nation based on the number of colleges and historically has offered the lowest tuition in the Southeast. The average age of a Tar Heel community-college student is 28. 2 B u s i n e s s n Bennett College (Greensboro; www.bennett.edu) Enrollment: 707; admissions contact: Taunya o r t h C a r o l i n a Monroe, 336-370-8624, admiss@bennett.edu; freshman applicants/accepted: 1,980/1,400; student/faculty ratio: 10/1; mean SAT score: not provided; cost: $27,703 Brevard College (www.brevard.edu) Enrollment: 633; admissions contact: Chad Holt, 800-527-9090, admissions@brevard.edu; freshman applicants/accepted: 1,816/957; student/faculty ratio: 11/1; mean SAT score (critical reading/math/writing): 486/498/446; cost: $34,180 Cabarrus College of Health Sciences (Concord; www.cabarruscollege.edu) Enrollment: 592; admissions contact: Mark Ellison, 704-403-1556, admissions@cabarruscollege.edu; freshman applicants/accepted: 827/327; student/faculty ratio: 8/1; mean SAT score (critical reading/math): 490/508; cost: $11,400 Campbell University (Buies Creek; www.campbell.edu) Enrollment: 3,190; admissions contact: 910-893-1290, admissions@campbell.edu; freshman applicants/accepted: 11,000/7,600; student/faculty ratio: 20/1; mean SAT score: not provided; cost: $35,700 Carolinas College of Health Sciences (Charlotte; www.carolinascollege.edu) Enrollment: 378; admissions contact: Rhoda Rillorta, 704-355-5043, rhoda.rillorta@carolinascollege.edu; freshman applicants/ accepted: 1,613/451; student/faculty ratio: 8/1; mean SAT score: not available; cost: $14,766 Catawba College (Salisbury; www.catawba.edu) Enrollment: 1,293; admissions contact: Lois Williams, 704-637-4402, admission@catawba. edu; freshman applicants/accepted: 3,212/1,309; student/faculty ratio: 14/1; mean SAT score (critical reading/math/writing): 484/499/467; cost: $36,230 Charlotte School of Law (www.charlottelaw.edu) Enrollment: 1,404; admissions contact: Carrie Lique, 704-971-8540, admissions@charlottelaw. edu; applicants/accepted: not provided; student/faculty ratio: 18/1; cost: $36,882 Chowan University (Murfreesboro; www.chowan.edu) Enrollment: 1,316; admissions contact: Craig Janney, 252-398-1236; freshman applicants/accepted: 4,330/2,509; student/ faculty ratio: 16/1; mean SAT score (critical reading/math/writing): 410/414/396; cost: $30,380 Davidson College (www.davidson.edu) Enrollment: 1,790; admissions contact: Christopher Gruber, 800-768-0380, admission@

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