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Companies Af – Ar Afnergy LLC (Durham) uses biotechnology methods to create application-specifc coatings for orthopedic and cardiovascular medical devices. Afnergy discovers peptides that can capture, deliver and retain specifc proteins, drugs or cells. AgBiome Inc. (Research Triangle Park) conducts discovery and early stage research using crop microbiome to identify products that reduce risk and improve yields. Agile Sciences Inc. (Raleigh) has identifed small molecules that inhibit and disperse bacterial bioflms. The company is investigating applications in medicine, agriculture and industry. Ajinomoto North America (Raleigh) manufactures pharmaceutical-grade amino acids and custom-blended amino acid mixtures. Alaeras Inc. (Cary) designs and manufactures drug-delivery products. The company is developing a platform technology for dry powder nasal vaccines that do not require refrigeration. Algynomics Inc. (Chapel Hill) uses phenotyping and genomics to develop diagnostics and therapeutics for chronic pain and related conditions. Alion Science and Technology Inc. (Durham) provides toxicology research, animal husbandry, inhalation engineering and biochemistry services. Alion operates four bioscience research laboratories in the Triangle. Allergy Partners Extract Laboratory (Asheville) produces extracts that are used to treat allergic disease, asthma and immunology. Almac Clinical Services (Durham) provides clinical trial material manufacturing, packaging and distribution services. Almac Diagnostics (Durham) ofers services for biomarker discovery, assay development and validation, and delivery of biomarker assays. Alderon BioSciences Inc. (Beaufort) develops point-of-care diagnostics. ALP Life Sciences LLC (Black Mountain) is developing diagnostics and therapeutics for liver diseases and related infammatory diseases. Alera Labs LLC (Research Triangle Park) provides contract research analytical chemistry, in vitro toxicology and preformulation services. AlphaVax Inc. (Research Triangle Park) develops vaccine technology with applications in infectious disease, cancer and biodefense threats. Algaen Corp. (Winston-Salem) is exploring microalgae to develop, produce and market products and technologies for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and bioenergy industries. American Distillation Inc. (Leland) manufactures industrial-grade ethyl alcohol and ofers contract manufacturing services such as distillation, dehydration, reaction, carbon treating and blending. Alganomics LLC (Southport) is researching and developing algae-culturing systems to create bioproducts, including biofuels. Andersen Products Inc. (Haw River) provides contract packaging and sterilization services for medical device manufacturers. The company also manufactures a variety of surgical tubes and pumps. Andersen Scientifc Inc. (Morrisville) provides ethylene oxide sterilization and validation services, including package testing, shelf life and accelerated aging. Andersen's sterilization cycles include microbiological and other testing. Annias Immunotherapeutics Inc. (Chapel Hill) is developing a therapeutic vaccine for the treatment of malignant brain tumors. Antech Diagnostics Inc. (Morrisville) provides clinical and veterinary hematology analysis, clinical chemistry, urinalysis and coagulation testing. Appealing Products Inc. (Raleigh) develops products for forensics and personal protection from toxic materials such as inorganics, gases and poisons in foods, animal feeds and liquids. Applied Catheter Technologies Inc. (Winston-Salem) develops drug-coated catheters for male urethral stricture and abdominal adhesions. Applied Micro Products Inc. (Chapel Hill) manufactures wood preservation products such as AMP21, a natural carbon source encased in a time-release delivery system. Aptiv Solutions (Durham) ofers drug and medical device development services including preclinical, CMC and GxP compliance consultancy, regulatory services, adaptive clinical trials, pharmacovigilance, clinical stafng and other operational clinical support. Arbovax Inc. (Raleigh) develops vaccines against arthropod-borne diseases. Arbovax's technology modifes arthropod-borne viruses (arboviruses) to prevent them from replicating in mammalian cells. Archer Daniels Midland Co. (Southport) makes citric acid used in soft drinks and food products. North Carolina Companies 3

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