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Companies Tr – Ve Tryton Medical Inc. (Durham) develops stent systems for the treatment of coronary artery bifurcation lesions. TUNTek LLC (Durham) develops technology and products for early detection of cancer and other chronic diseases. BASF TyraTech Inc. (Morrisville) develops natural pesticides that are safe for humans and animals by targeting invertebrate-specifc receptors. TransViragen Inc. (Durham) provides in vivo discovery research services, including a full suite of genetically modifed mouse and rat model services, from custom-model generation to phenotyping. TransWorld Heart Corp. (Monroe) develops medical devices for the management of heart disease. transworldheart/ Tranzyme Pharma (Durham) develops small-molecule drugs for gastrointestinal motility disorders. Treyco Environmental Solutions (Wilson) created and manufactures a patented enzymatic degreaser product called TPP1. Triad BioGreen Technologies Inc. (Greensboro) develops technology to produce and market algae-based biofuels. Athenix received a $150K NCBiotech loan in 2002 and was acquired in 2009 for $365M by Bayer CropScience, whose North American headquarters is in NC. 34 North Carolina Companies UCB Biosciences Inc. (Raleigh) develops therapeutics for the treatment of severe, life-threatening neurological and infammatory diseases. Triangle Biofuels Industries Inc. (Wilson) produces biodiesel from virgin and waste vegetable oil, including locally-sourced soybean, canola, camelina and corn oils. United Therapeutics Corp. (Research Triangle Park) develops and commercializes products to treat cardiopulmonary diseases, infectious diseases and cancer. Triangle BioSystems International (Durham) develops, produces, markets and supports biomedical analog signal processing products that advance the research and performance capabilities of its customers in the neurophysiology and ultrasound marketplace. Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America (Durham) develops and manufactures pharmaceuticals for neurology and dermatology markets. Triangle Research Labs LLC (Research Triangle Park) specializes in hepatocyte production for use in research focused on drug metabolism, drug-drug interactions, drug transporters and hepatotoxicity. TriboFilm Research Inc. (Raleigh) develops low-friction, thin-flm coating and lubrication platforms for medical devices and for the aerospace and marine industries. TriE Medical Inc. (Morrisville) provides design, documentation, manufacturing and testing services for medical device development, with expertise in designing drug-delivery systems and biomedical monitoring devices. Vascular BioSciences Inc. (Durham) develops technologies to detect and treat vascular-based disease. Vascular Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Chapel Hill) develops and commercializes therapeutic products to treat secondary complications of diabetes. Venganza Inc. (Raleigh) uses RNA interference technology to control plant pests and reduce the application of fungicides and other pesticides. Vertellus Specialties Inc. (Greensboro) manufactures specialty chemicals for the agriculture, nutrition, pharmaceutical, medical and personal-care markets.

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