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Companies Ne – No Companies 1 – Ar NeuroRepair Therapeutics Inc. (Research Triangle Park) develops drugs for multiple sclerosis, with a lead compound that shows activity in neuroprotection, remyelination and neuroregeneration. North Carolina Clinical Research (Raleigh) conducts Phase I-IV trials in a variety of therapeutic areas at its outpatient clinical research facility. Neuroscience Research Institute of North Carolina (Winston-Salem) is a nonproft corporation that conducts NIH-funded research on brain functions, alcoholism, Parkinson's disease, schizophrenia and pain regulations. Nova Synthetix Inc. (Chapel Hill) is commercializing a non-toxic castor plant that produces a unique fatty acid in its seed oil that is used as a high-value chemical feedstock. It's contracting with growers and developing downstream markets for its castor product. Neusentis (Durham) discovers, develops and commercializes small-molecule drugs that target ion channels, with a focus on epilepsy, pain and infammatory disorders. NIRvana Sciences Inc. (Research Triangle Park) develops and commercializes nearinfrared fuorescence dyes for use in medical diagnostics and optical imaging. Novametics (Durham) develops and manufactures blood coagulation diagnostic products. Novan Therapeutics (Durham) develops nitric oxide releasing nanoparticle technology, which has therapeutic potential in applications related to immune system response, wound healing and blood pressure regulation. Novartis Animal Health US Inc. (Greensboro) researches, develops and commercializes animal-health products for pet owners, farmers and veterinarians. The Greensboro location is the U.S. headquarters and operations center for its veterinary health business. Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics Inc. (Holly Springs) produces seasonal fu cell culture vaccine, pre-pandemic and pandemic vaccines. NovaTarg Inc. (Durham) discovers, develops and commercializes new medicines to treat cancer and metabolic diseases. Novella Clinical Inc. (Morrisville and Wilmington) provides CRO support services to biopharmaceutical and medical device companies. Services range from protocol development through fnal clinical study report. Biotech ReseaRch at North CaroliNa a&t State UNiverSity ► Magnesium alloys for controlled bioresorption of medical implants » NSF Engineering Research Center for Revolutionizing Biometallic Materials ► Thermochemical conversion of biomass for fuel » NSF CREST Bioenergy Center ► Non-thermal processing to inactivate fruit- and vegetableborne pathogens » Center for Excellence in Post-Harvest Technologies (N.C. Research Campus) ► Chip-based, rapid high-content screening platform to study biological interactions of engineered nanomaterials, including their potential toxicities » Joint School of Nanoscience & Nanoengineering ► Drugs to inhibit the formation and growth of brain tumors » Department of Biology N.C. A&T researchers are advancing these and other technologies. For more, scan here or go to

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