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Companies Mo – Ne Natland International Corp. (Morrisville) provides contract research synthesis of pharmaceuticals and custom organic chemicals. Natural Products & Glycotechnology Research Institute Inc. (Pittsboro) develops new methods for the synthesis of oligosaccharides to be used in the development of vaccines or diagnostic tools. Nature's Pearl Corp. (Advance) manufactures nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products from muscadine grape seeds and skins. Its products are manufactured in a cGMP facility and have been studied in clinical trials for efcacy. SCC nContact Inc. (Morrisville) is developing a cardiac coagulation device for the endoscopic treatment of cardiovascular arrhythmias, including atrial fbrillation. Monsanto Co. (Research Triangle Park, Mount Olive and Kannapolis) in RTP analyzes the physiological traits of plants in the company's corn, soy and cotton research and development pipeline. Monsanto's Mt. Olive facility is a crops research station. The Monsanto Center for Food and Nutrition Research in Kannapolis focuses on improving the taste and nutritional quality of fruits and vegetables. MxBiodevices LLC (Greenville) develops dermal wound healing products and has created a patented tissue scafold technology for the treatment of chronic dermal wounds including diabetic foot ulcers. Mycorrhiza Biotech LLC (Burlington) researches the application of biotechnology in mycorrhizal fungi and trufes, including the development of bioremediation methods and detection assays. 22 North Carolina Companies Mycosynthetix Inc. (Hillsborough) manages a large collection of fungal isolates and metabolites used in drug discovery and agrochemical and biofuels research. NanoCor Therapeutics Inc. (Chapel Hill) develops an intracellular genetic protein therapy for the treatment of chronic heart failure. NanoMedica Inc. (Winston-Salem) provides ultrasensitive detection reagents and nanotechnology-based drug discovery services and tools to biopharmaceutical companies as well as DNA and RNA sequencing services. NanoVector Inc. (Raleigh) is commercializing a plant virus nanoparticle to develop a family of targeted-delivery, small-molecule cancer drugs. NephroGenex Inc. (Research Triangle Park) develops kidney disease therapeutics, with a focus on diabetic nephropathy. Neuro10-9 Pharma Inc. (Chapel Hill) develops drug delivery technologies and nanomedicines that cross the blood brain barrier to reach the central nervous system. Neurocath LLC (Asheville) is developing a device to monitor blood sugar levels and administer glucose and insulin. Neurogate Therapeutics Inc. (Chapel Hill) develops neurological agents to treat neuropathic pain and epilepsy. North Carolina's academic institutions include four medical schools, three pharmacy schools, two land grant universities and numerous campuses providing specialized programs in such felds as biotechnology, agbiotech, nanotechnology, medical engineering and biomanufacturing.

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