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Companies Li – Mi MARBIONC Development Group LLC (Wilmington) is a not-for-proft organization that develops and markets new products and technologies derived from marine and aquatic organisms. Marble Laboratories LLC (Winston-Salem) provides contract testing, process development, laboratory services and auditing to biotechnology companies. UNC-W Martin Protean LLC (Research Triangle Park) develops technology for determining the three-dimensional structure of a protein without requiring protein crystals. LipoScience Inc. (Raleigh) develops and markets clinical diagnostic applications of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, including the NMR LipoProfle® test, which is used to diagnose cardiovascular disease. Liquidia Technologies Inc. (Morrisville) utilizes its PRINT platform technology and GMP manufacturing capabilities to develop precisely engineered particles for improved delivery of biologics and small molecules for vaccine and therapeutic applications. LotusBioEFx LLC (Chapel Hill) develops venous catheters impregnated with nanoscale clusters of metal alloys to inhibit formation of bacterial bioflms. mAbRx Inc. (Wilmington) develops therapeutic monoclonal antibodies primarily for cancer treatment. Magbio Genomics Inc. (Raleigh) develops, manufactures and sells magnetic-based kits for DNA analysis. The company focuses on high throughput nucleic acid purifcation technologies for DNA sequencing applications. 20 North Carolina Companies MastCell Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Raleigh) develops therapeutic agents for the treatment of allergic disorders. Maverick Biofuels Inc. (Research Triangle Park) converts biomass, municipal waste, coal and natural gas into petroleum-free fuels and plastics. MDx Health Inc. (Wilmington) develops gene methylation diagnostic tests for early cancer detection and personalized treatment decisions. Med-El Corp. (Durham) researches and develops cochlear implant technology. The Durham location manufactures cochlear implants and is also the North American headquarters. Medicago USA Inc. (Durham) develops vaccines based on proprietary manufacturing technologies and Virus-Like-Particles. The vaccines are manufactured using a transient protein expression system in nicotiana benthamiana, a close relative of tobacco. MedKoo Biosciences Inc. (Chapel Hill) manufactures small molecular anticancer reference agents for oncology research and provides drug discovery contract research services. MEDTOX Diagnostics Inc. (Burlington) manufactures and distributes diagnostic drug screening devices. Merck & Co. Inc. (Durham and Wilson) manufactures elements of Varivax, a chickenpox vaccine, at its facility in Durham. Merck's Wilson facility produces patented prescription products and performs granulation and tableting operations. Mercury Science Inc. (Durham) develops novel and customized methods of analytical analysis, with expertise in environmental analysis of soil, water and food. Meridian Laboratory Corp. (Charlotte) provides CLIA-certifed and COLA-accredited patient testing services, as well as testing of water quality for use in dialysis. Merz Pharmaceuticals LLC (Greensboro) develops and commercializes products for the Merz Pharma Group in the therapeutic areas of neurology and dermatology. Metabolon Inc. (Durham) ofers biochemical profling services for the discovery of medical and agricultural biomarkers and pathways associated with disease and diagnostic products based on those discoveries. Metrics Inc. (Greenville) provides contract development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. Services include development of full-scale analytical methods, validation and testing, clinical trial materials and packaging. Miacom Diagnostics Inc. (Research Triangle Park) develops in vitro diagnostic tests for pathogens causing acute systemic diseases. The Research Triangle Park was formed in 1959, leading a global proliferation of research parks that continues today.

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