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Companies Co – Da CoLucid Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Durham) develops therapies for central nervous system (CNS) disorders such as migraine, chronic pain and Alzheimer's disease. Countervail Corp. (Charlotte) develops and commercializes products to protect against and treat exposure to chemical weapons and pesticide poisoning. Curl Bio LLC (Durham) develops drugs for the interrelated set of disorders involving type-II diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome and associated complications. Columbia Life Systems Inc. (Chapel Hill) is developing a computer controlled oxygen blender for therapeutic research. Covidien Inc. (Raleigh) manufactures acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol®, at its pharmaceutical facility in Raleigh. Covidien also manufactures contrast media used in diagnostic imaging tests. Cygnus Technologies Inc. (Southport) develops immunochemical reagents and methods for analytical research and human and animal diagnostic applications. Combs Lab Inc. (Chapel Hill) develops drug therapies for diabetes and is developing a noninsulin oral medication for Type 1 Diabetes. Concentrx Pharmaceuticals LLC (Chapel Hill) develops inhalation drug delivery products, including a dry powder unit dose inhaler. ConvaTec Inc. (Greensboro) manufactures products for ostomy, skin and advanced wound care. Cook Medical (Winston-Salem) develops and manufactures devices used in gastrointestinal endoscopy to diagnose and treat esophageal, gastric, pancreatic, biliary and colonic disorders. Coordination Therapeutics Inc. (Chapel Hill) develops nanoparticle formulations of platinum chemotherapeutics. Craft Technologies Inc. (Wilson) provides analytical and method development services to identify specifc compounds in biological materials, food and animal feed. Creative Bioreactor Designs Inc. (WinstonSalem) develops, manufactures and sells custom bioreactors for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications. Cromoz Inc. (Research Triangle Park) develops non-toxic, water-soluble carbon nano tubes that can be used as a drug delivery tool to reduce the amount of drug used during chemotherapy and reduce potential drug side efects. Crop Microclimate Management Inc. (Apex) researches and develops technologies to improve crop productivity by mitigating the impact of environmental stresses. Cornerstone Therapeutics Inc. (Cary) acquires, develops and commercializes products for the hospital, niche respiratory and related specialty markets. CropSolution Inc. (Cary) develops agrochemicals that protect crops from diseases, insect pests and weeds. Corning Life Sciences (Durham) manufactures pipettes, conical and round-bottom tubes, cell inserts, tissue-culture plates and ADME/ toxicology products. CTMG Inc. (Greenville and Raleigh) provides site-specifc clinical research management services, including patient recruitment, personnel, expertise and systems. Cotton Incorporated's (Cary) Agricultural & Environmental Research Division improves cotton cultivation through genetic and biotechnology tools, enhancing yield, quality and resistance of cotton varieties. CuraCaza (High Point) provides biologically active natural products to the pharmaceutical industry as part of the drug discovery process. Cytex Therapeutics Inc. (Durham) develops bio-artifcial devices to treat osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal diseases. Cytomedix Inc. (Durham) is developing and commercializing platelet and adult stem cell separation products for tissue repair and regeneration. Cytonet LLC (Durham) develops, produces and markets cell therapeutic products, including human liver cells, to treat liver diseases. Daily Manufacturing Inc. (Rockwell) manufactures vitamins, minerals and herbals. The company also manufactures products for other supplement companies with their own brand names. DARA BioSciences Inc. (Raleigh) develops and commercializes oncology treatments and supportive care. DaVINCI Biomedical Research Products Inc. (Garner) is an AAALAC-accredited contract lab that performs GLP and non-GLP preclinical animal studies. DaVINCI specializes in regenerative medicine, cardiovascular, orthopedic and medical device applications. According to Battelle, North Carolina is third in the nation in the size of its life science sector. More than 58,000 North Carolinians have bioscience jobs now, and they earn an average $78,000 a year. North Carolina Companies 11

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