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of North and South Carolina each year. EPIC would need to hone its focus and ���nd its niche among them. Enslin had been an adjunct professor at N.C. State and knew the work of its Solar Center. ���It���s a very good program, but it���s strongly focused on the renewable aspect of the energy ���eld. We wanted our program to be more multidisciplinary. If there is some overlap, we want positive overlap. We���ve got a mission to the power industries, but our mission is also to reach out to the other universities, such as Duke University, N.C. A&T, N.C. State, Clemson University and so on to establish combined resources.��� With $76 million from the state and about $15 million from private companies, New York-based Turner Construction Co. began work in the summer of 2009. Completed nearly three years later, the center is an example of the future of the energy industry. With top certi���cation from the U.S. Green Building Council���s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program, the building has natural lighting and cool-beam technology, which is an energy-ef���cient air conditioning that reduces power use by about a third. EPIC���s most prominent feature is the Westinghouse cranes. ���We can pick up up to 50 tons of structure, do dynamic and static testing to evaluate computer models, along with other tests,��� Enslin says. ���It���s probably one of the two largest like it in the country. One thing that makes it really unique is that we will add what we call ���shaker tables.��� They can test seismic movements, wind loading and other scenarios on larger structures and things like wind-turbine blades and transmission towers under real, emulated conditions. It���s a very interactive facility, which is highly in demand by companies like Duke, Areva and Westinghouse. We can address real problems.��� EPIC is only one of the energy-related education programs that make a difference not only in training but also recruiting. We can assist you with: ��� Site and building selection Online property listings at ��� Energy audit services ��� Market research & demographic analysis ��� Flexibility in rate design ��� Loan and grant assistance ��� Help bringing the right experts to each unique situation including the NC Department of Commerce, Regional Partnerships, USDA Rural Development, NC Rural Economic Development Center and NC Economic Developers Association ��� SHEDDING LIGHT ON BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES IN NORTH CAROLINA. North Carolina���s Electric Cooperatives are pleased to offer businesses a wide range of services designed to help them grow, expand and find ideal new locations. From helping with site selection and energy efficiency, to assistance with paperwork to qualify for loans and grants, we���re here to empower business growth in North Carolina.

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