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Top 10 Reasons To Be Here 1. Skilled, productive workers and a great labor environment With a growing and diverse population, North Carolina���s high- 6. Competitive operating-cost structure Construction costs, electric rates, overall taxes and cost-of-living quality workforce meets the needs of today���s advanced-manufacturing indices are below the national average, providing an economical and knowledge-based industries. Workers here are 36% more productive business climate. than the average U.S. worker. The lowest unionization rate in the nation keeps wages affordable and the workplace ���exible. 7. A great place to live 2. A comprehensive workforce-development network variety of outdoor recreation options. The state���s cultural offerings, North Carolina���s diverse geography and moderate climate allow a North Carolina provides customized recruiting, screening and including a rich history and a variety of arts, mix with intense collegiate training services and lifelong learning opportunities through a and professional sports rivalries to create a quality of life that���s a magnet coordinated network of state agencies. for recruiting talent. 3. Exceptional educational opportunities 8. A government that works for business New talent is developed through outstanding educational assets ��� North Carolina���s leadership has had the vision to make strategic beginning with nationally recognized preschool programs, accountable investments in education, infrastructure and technology ��� and to public schools, accessible state community-college and university systems emphasize sound ���scal policy through a constitutionally mandated and a variety of superb private institutions. balanced budget, reasonable tax rates and AAA bond rating. 4. Proximity to major markets 9. Performance-based, targeted incentive programs North Carolina���s central location along the East Coast and extensive North Carolina offers eligible companies a number of state and local transportation infrastructure put the state within a 700-mile radius of programs designed to lower costs and increase global competitiveness, more than 170 million U.S. and Canadian consumers. It provides global including discretionary grants in competitive situations and statutory connections via deep-water ports and international ���ights. tax credits for job creation, investments, research and development. 5. Global connectivity 10. Professional economic-development assistance High-speed Internet access is available throughout the state, and The N.C. Department of Commerce provides support and expertise 100% digital switching and other technology-infrastructure investments for companies in the United States or around the world, no matter provide advanced and reliable voice, data and video communications what phase of business they���re in. For more information, visit and networking options. or call 919-733-4151. Source: N.C. Department of Commerce

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